Benutzerdefinierte Terminwiederholungen / User defined repeating appointments

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Ich bin gerade von owncloud 10 nach nextcloud 17 umgezogen. Meine wichtigste Anwendung ist zur Zeit der Kalender. Bei owncloud hatte ich die Möglichkeit bei Terminen benutzerdefinierte Wiederholungen (also z.B. jeden 1. Mittwoch im Monat) einzustellen. Ich habe diese Möglichkeit beim nextcloud Kalender nicht gefunden. Gibt es das hier tatsächlich nicht? Falls das so ist, gibt es einen Workaround, wie ich eine Terminwiederholung wie “jeden 1. Mittwoch im Monat” beim nextcloud Kalender eintragen kann?

I just migrated from owncloud 10 to nextcloud 17. My most important app is the calendar. With owncloud I had the option to include user defined appointments repeating like “every 1st Wednesday each month”. At nextcloud I could not find this option. Is this option really not available here? If yes, what workaround would you propose to add an appointment with user defined repeats?

These are the available options in the Calendar app:


It might be worse to create events using e.g. Thunderbird, because it currently supports more options than the app itself. With v2.x the recurring dialog should haven been reworked, see:

Thanks for the information. I interpret it as 155 USD are still needed to develop and implement this feature.

A bit strange, I think, since the nextcloud calender seems to be almost identical to the one used by owncloud, and the requested feature of customizable recurring appointments is already included there.

Different software - different priorities :wink:

May be, unfortunately. A working calender is quite a high priority to me and the function to set an recurring appointment e.g. at every 2nd Monday each month is not that exotic. Actually, the nextcloud calender is the only one I know so far which can’t do that.

So, does anyone have an good idea for a workaround besides entering such appointments manually for a few years? Keeping a second calender at owncloud and down- and uploading such events to include them in the nextcloud calender seem to be kind of contra-productive, isn’t it? Especially since I of course intended to delete owncloud from my server after having installed nextcloud.

As I already wrote, use e.g. Thunderbird/Lightning to create in the desired appointment in your Nextcloud calender.