Beginner with some questions


I am configuring and playing around with my first Nextcloud installation on Linux. So far so good. Unfortunately I removed the oauth2 app folder in …nextcloud/apps/ and ended up in just copying the just removed folder from a downloaded nextcloud-15.0.0.tar.bz2 file.

Now I have three questions:

  1. Is this now equivalent to the state after the installation or will I probably encounter problems in the future? (The initial installations was made from the tar.bz2 file from which I took the deleted folder)

  2. Does oauth2 manages the app tokens?

  3. What does the installation wizard do exactly? Just setting up paths, the database and the first admin account? Or are there other (security) related things which happen?

Basically I am wondering if I need to reinstall Nextcloud due to my mistake in order to maintain a secure installation.

I hope these questions are not to stupid. Please don’t ask why and how I deleted that folder…


No, it should be ok. You can open the admin page, there is a integrity checker that should verify if all files are in place and of the right version.

Yes, that’s quite it. I think it just sets the directory and file permissions, but nothing you could easily do yourself. There is no more special hardening of your system, for general purpose you can follow other guides for webservers and also follow some other basics (don’t run services and software you don’t need, secure passwords, key-authentication for ssh, …)