Batch upgrade of NC instances?


Being a hosting provider and hosting multiple NC instances for my hosting customers, I have a little issue becoming more and more boring as I have more and more customers using NC. How to do safely and efficiently regular NC upgrades of all these instances ?
I did some research about it already but found nothing interesting on the subject !



I think you can easily automate steps from the

Especially if you are using something like puppet it will be easy to do.

But, if you are using docker, then you do not need to do anything, just restart container and it will be the latest one, or added watchtower to get the latest containers. Maybe you need to run docker exec --user www-data CONTAINER_ID php occ upgrade OR docker-compose exec --user www-data CONTAINER_ID php occ upgrade inside of container to finish upgrade.

According to the docu it is automated

Hum sorry but very confused by your suggestion as at least I never use manual update but the web updater to update customer NCs instances ! I don’t use Puppet but Virtualmin based on Webmin as control panel !

Not really familiar with difference between Virtualmin and Webmin, but I believe you can write a script that will do backup of NC and DB and download latest NC. Then simply run it in all instances/cluster.

Are U looking a way to automate web Upgrade process?

Hum yep it’s what I’m asking in my first message :wink: and I’m not going to develop a script for that (too much work) and hoped some large NextCloud hosters would have a trick for that (as I guess they don’t upgrade one by one NC instances they host for their customers or they let end users do it by themselves using the web updater ??)