Basic Information- New Setup

Dear All,

Just wanted to Know, can we have bellow setup in Production.

Nextcloud Server - only one server ( 64 GB RAM, 8 core vCPU)

Server will be in Cluster node- means under Hyper-visor Cluster VM.

Total Users : 2000
Per user space allocation = 20 GB

will it be OK to go in Production with this.

well as this is the forum made for homeusers I really doubt that someone would be able to tell you OK or not as I can’t imagine any homeuser having setup an instance for 2000 users in total.

Usually 2000 users would imply that you’re running a professional server for professionals. So why not trying getting yourself a personal quote from Nextcloud GmbH regarding support, service and such? (They live from that kind of clients… Professional ones willing to pay for service and support)

At least you could just ASK them…