Bandwidth limitation for users/groups

Hello community of Nextcloud!

I wanted to know if it’s somehow possible to create an app or is there any conf file for this …

Example : You host your own Nextcloud Server at home with your own small server. You got 100 Mbit/s download but only 10Mbit/s upload. So if someone of your users decide to upload something everything should be okay because probably he will not have 100 Mbit/s normally or not ?. Now comes the problem someone wants to download a file with for example 10GByte so it will use 100% of your internet speed. Wouldn’t it be a cool and useful feature to limit their bandwidth to for example 1Mbit/s.

Some developed countries have 100 Mbit/s fiber connections, and also if you are in other locations (hotels, job, …), this can happen.

There are modules of your webserver that can limit the bandwidth per connection, e.g.

Since the connection and everything is handled by the webserver, you can’t really control this by Nextcloud itself. You could somehow read the logs and give some up/down-load quotas per user. This could be something for an app…

Yeah I also thought of that because it would be so nice.