Balckscreen after several minutes


First, Thank you for this app !
but I have a little problem with it.
I have install Nextcloud with talk app on my home server : this is a little computer with intel atom, 4GB RAM and ADSL internet connection with 15Mbps down and 1Mbps up.
All works fine but when I call to anyone (with nextcloud talk android app both side), it works only several minutes and after, I have a blackscreen. I quit call and I come back (my contact just wait without nothing to do) and it works again correctly for many minutes before another blackscreen…
I have no error in nextcloud log
Anyone can help me please ?

I have this too with android talk 3.1.2

I have it too. Works fine otherwise.

This has finally been fixed in Talk version 5.0.3
" * Fix multiple race-conditions that could interrupt connections, end calls or prevent connections between single participants #1523 #1542 #1543"
Works like a charm now for me

Me too thanks