Bad signature error on files with special characters UTF-8


I have a problem with my Nextcloud installation (version 9 and 10.0). Filenames including special characters like German “umlaute” (äöü) and even blank spaces " " cause a Bad signature error in Nextcloud. Thus downloading them with desktop or android client, webDAV or even opening those files in the web-frontend does not work (503 Service unavailable).

All the names are displayed correctly even the links (on mouseover) are right. By opening the link anyway the special characters are replaced by their UTF-8 value like %20 for a blank space. Thus opening produces a 503 or “Bad signature” error, syncing with the clients stops and even the picture preview inside the web-frontend cannot access the files.

Nextcloud is hosted on a basic webhoster (

Do you have any idea how to get rid of this problem?

Thank you very much!

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The issue resolved itself after deleting the affected folders and reuploading everything.

Thank you!

im having the same problem.
Isnt there a way to fix it without reuploading all files?

In my case there are several hundred files…

Edit: It seems that a rescan of all files using ./occ fixed it!