Bad Request when accessing cookbook app


hope one can help me with my problem…
I had issues with my old nextcloud installation. (own installation on a ionos hosted webspace).
Updates never worked out of the box (usually because “backup failed” and i was not able to open office documents online.
i played arround with many settings until it was not working any more…

The only solution that I found was to install a backup of an old database.
Basically this brought everything back except two things:

  • the original issue, that I could not open any document with only office
  • my when I try to access my Cookbook I get a “Bad Request” only.

I have already a new clean NC setup and transferred all other important data to this one… except my recepies out of my Cookbook first, because of the bad request.
Google pointed me somewhere to some encryption issue…

I see all the data in Filezilla, but I’m not sure how to transfer them from the old NC to the new one… I guess just copy them will not work…

Any recommendation on this one ?
thanks a lot


Nextcloud version: 24.0.5
Operating system and version: Desktop: win10
Server: IONOS webhosting, but own NC installation


I could solve my Problem.
I could access the Recepies folder with my old nextcloud and downlowd the data unencrypted.
After uninstalling and deleting the old Folder, new installing Cookbook, and uploading the old data again in the fresh generated folder i could access the recepies again.
Uninstalling cookbook alone or just use a copy of the same folder inside nextcloud did not work and resulted always in “bad request”
Not sure what was wrong with the folder …
With the same data I could also enable cookbook on my new nextcloud installation…

just if anybody runs in the same issue…


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