Bad Experiance Buying from Daniel Hansson ! Anyone else?

I have been condiplating buying this Pre-Built VM from… Lastnight i bought it because i really didn’t feel like building a vm for nextcloud and looking over his website showing how easy it was to download the pre-built vm and install.

I purchase it following his website, signing up and buying the 1tb Prebuilt VM for hyper-v. Upon downloading i found out that it’s an ova file.

I contacted him with a immediate reply with you made a mistake downloaded wrong one. Go buy they Hyper-v version.

Going back and forth with this guy, as he laughs with out any help at all.

Id like to warn anyone that has to deal with this guy NOT TO AND BE VERY CAREFUL !!

It’s strange that before this guy help a lot with VM by giving it for free.

I advise you to start a VM from scratch and follow a tutorial for installing or a shell-script.

It happens from time to time that people but the wrong version ( and gets the OVA instead of the Hyper-V version.

The process in the shop is automated and works like this:

  1. The customer buys the VM
  2. When the payment is done the order is marked as completed
  3. An email is sent to the customer with a download link for the purchased VM
  4. The customer downloads it
  5. The order is automatically sent to my accountant which books the payment in our accountant system, they charge 100€ per hour.

In the background each version has a specific folder linked to it in my Nextcloud ( which contains the VM in question. On each release I upload the VMs to that folder.

When the customer downloads the VM I can check from which IP it’s downloaded and how many times it’s been downloaded. The link expires after 10 days.

Due to the fact that the customer gets direct access to the VM when the order is completed (in the automated process), there’s no refund since the customer got exactly what was paid for. There are some people though, that tries to get 2 for 1 by claiming they got the wrong version. Hence I added in the terms of conditions that this isn’t allowed (, section 24).

It may be an honest mistake, sure, but as it costs me around 50€ to correct the mistake (see above), it’s a no deal for me. Sorry. It’s not that I’m trying to be rude or anything, but when you buy something, maybe it’s a good idea to check what you’re actually buying.

Claiming I’m a scammer is just taking it too far. T&M Hansson IT provides a service to Nextcloud and it’s users, and has been doing so for years. You are free to support the work I do (countless hours) by buying a VM, or you can choose to download it for free. It’s your choice, and I’m happy for users that choose to show their gratitude by purchasing one of the paid versions.

I’m just stating the facts here, I hope you understand.

I’m sorry that you’re disappointed @Mr_Dashpuppy. You already got your money back.

In this case, you actually bought the wrong VM:

The name of the VHDX file on the server (


And btw @Mr_Dashpuppy please don’t be dishonest and claim that I laughed at you, because I didn’t.

I’m happy to post our email conversation in full to show whats really been said, but have chosen not to due to privacy concerns on your behalf.


I must say, that I couldn’t believe the accusation, that @enoch85 should have laughed at somebody who needs help. That’s the complete opposite of what we see here in the forum.
He is part of this community for such a long time and he spent a huge amount of time to help people here in the forum and not the mention the time he invested to create the very VMs - which I used myself for a very long time.

For me it is absolutely reasonable to decline refund for software. It is the same when you buy software in electronic stores and open them at home or download online purchased software - no refund.
And I totally understand why shops and also @enoch85 do that. Not few people will definitely exploit the kindness. Shop owners need to protect their business, that’s absolutely normal.

Sure, mistakes happen and it feels bad when the mistake even cost money (however, it is just money and not people’s health or life), but I think it is not right to accuse the shop owner when I bought the wrong product.

That @enoch85 still refunded the paid money is an honorable move and shows how much he cares about customers.

I think you should set things straight @Mr_Dashpuppy, change the title and remove the warning.


Thanks @Schmu! <3

To be 100% correct, Paypal refunded the money for the order when @Mr_Dashpuppy made a complaint.

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I bought hardware incl. the VM from Daniel Hansson the last october.

Everything was perfect and I cannot confirm the question asked in the title.

Thumbs up @enoch85 !


Hello @Mr_Dashpuppy,

I removed your posting due to harsh words.

Please calm down and try to solve your issue directly and do not abuse this forum.



Sorry about that, just frustrated that he is 2 faced. On here he is all plesent and happy but in emails its all HA HA i screwed you nothing you can do about it !

Well i am! I don’t like being ripped off !

I really would like to see your email conversation.
Is it ok to you @Mr_Dashpuppy that @enoch85 posts your conversation?

Well I am!

Unfortunately you chose to (claims at least) that you are breaking to the terms and conditions of T&M Hansson IT AB. Doing illegal stuff just beacuse you want some kind of “revenge” even though I’ve done nothing wrong is taking it too far.

I have nothing more to add here.

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Here you go MeiRos

Daniel @enoch85 is the reason I use Nextcloud. His ready to go VMs for NextCloud and scripts work very well, and make it possible for those with limited knowledge and time to get very far.

I must say Daniel is a great guy and this conversation just confirms it.

I don’t see how you were scammed @Mr_Dashpuppy. May be you are new to this platform and have yet to find how much Daniel Hansson has contributed.


@enoch85 didn’t laught at you.
He just put an amical sentence at the end because you bought a non-refund product and you bought it wrong.
He can’t be sure that you didn’t made copy of the .ova file. He can’t refund you or give you a .vdmx for free.

Accept it and start using VirtualBox or a new VM with Hyper V using a tutorial.


Another option could be to actually get the correct version. No, I’m not trying to sell anything here, just showing the actual difference.

What was bought:

Correct version in this case:

Do you guys think I could make it more obvious/clear?

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You could put a link in the item description with a note saying that if someone is looking for the Hyper-V version to go that URL instead.

VM isn’t the most clear thing in the world and people who do not have an intimate knowledge of the different kinds might assume there is only the one kind they are looking for.


Great! Thanks for the feedback. Will put that on my TODO list. :+1:

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

All i did was click on buy 1tb Hyper v link and proceeded. Maybe the server had an issue maybe it was me. IN the least event, he could have offered to help or provide the proper file, I had no intensions on distributing it or doing anything with the .ova file. All i wanted was to build my Next cloud vm as others on the internet have stated this “prebuilt” vm works good.

In the end i had to deal with a jerk on the other end that found it better to just make fun of the person who “MIGHT” have made a mistake OR the server had an issue.

As a person that is building a business it would have been very easy to just provide a link to the correct version and put a side note please select correct version later or something NICE! Not smart ass comment !

I’m moving on.

I’m not sure if English is your first language, or that you understand subtleties, but I am a native speaker and unless you post the entire reply chain what Hansson said to you was in no way rude or derogative. A short reply of “have a nice day anyway!” is not rude.

Please read:

It costs him more to fix your mistake that what he makes from you buying it in the first place.