Backups & Snapshots

I was hoping someone could clear this up. When i do a backup from the pi panel does this include NC config files? I understand that you can include or not include the data but i am a little confused and need to make sure i have backup up everything?
After looking at how to backup on the forum if you was to do it from ncp-config then there would be 3 parts. 1 NC database 2 NC config files & 3 snapshot of the data folder.
On the Web Pi Panel i can only see backup and snapshots. Also could someone explain what are the NC config files and why they are not included in the database. Thank you

I do not use NextcloudPi.

The nextcloud backup must include:

1.) nextcloud-path like /var/www/nextcloud
2.) data-path like /home/data (could be in /var/www/nextcloud or not)
3.) MariaDB or other DB

Please test your backup:
1.) and 2.) unzip on another system and look the files
3.) unzip database dump and look, perhaps insert in a testing MariaDB on another system

Hi - When you talk about snapshots – did you set up your host system with ZFS? Is nextcloud running in docker or installed natively on the host?

Thank you for your reply.

Ok so i have the nextcloud folder and also SQLbackup is this to do with MariaDB?

My data folder i have as a snapshot.