Backups NC consuming to much diskspace, where to set this?

We use multiple NC installations for various clients.
After every update a backup in the dat folder is made. Fine, but older backups are not removed. And I can not find a settng or app to do this.
Sometimes updates fail because the client has reached its max dataspace and that gives more problems.

I can delete these backups manuly in the dat folder, but that seems to be ‘not by design’. What design is there to manage these backups?

I’m aware of the fact that first questions are dated years ago, but i could not find any answer.

Who helps? What can help to automate deleting old back-ups?

Hi, it would help to know your exact process and setup for backups in order to offer suggestions.

We just use default settings.
I use the web based updater. In most cases this works.
With each update there is a backup made of the existing system in the data folder. These are stored in in data/updater-ocuvl9…/backups. I have deleted manualy all previous backups, except last two. But I thinks this should be automated or asked during the update process. Just a setting in the config? "keep_last_backups = 2 " and then executed after succesfull update.

Agreed, you need to automate the process. I simply do not trust backups as part of the update process… absolutely anything could screw up. No logical reason other than I feel that updating is only for updating. I keep 4 backups maximum, in addition to those created during update. I do not have any specific backup method to recommend; find something that works for you!

Get backups going like a boss! If you are out of space, simply buy another disk solely for the extra backups. :+1: My favorite method to limit Nextcloud is by using small disks: I run 128gb data partition and save system backups to 256gb disk via rsync.