Backup the recordings made by a DVR

Greetings to all

The reason why I open this topic is to know if Nextcloud can backup the recordings made by a DVR and that the videos recorded in the cloud can be accessed from Apps for Android, IOS, Windows and MAC.

I am utilizing to translate my messages and I apologize for any errors due to the translation.

Thank you

mount a nextcloud share as a webdav filesystem to vdr and move your recordings there or set the folder as the recording target. should be something like nextcloud-share~sendung_mit_der_maus/blabla in the (search)timer settings of your recordings.

personally i would access vdr via smb protocol directly from the named devices.

the trouble you may run into: if nextcloud is down you can’t record anything. or you have to write a script copying the recordings to nextcloud after they are recorded.