Backup-Solution RAID vs Ext HD

Hey every1,

im currently running Nextcloud on an HP Pro Desk with its internal 1TB HDD.

I am searching for any advice for the “best” Backup solution.

first idea:
Running Nextcloud and its data on the internal HDD and creating a script (ubuntu) to create a backup every day on an external harddrive.

2nd idea:
Buying a Raid System (nothing expensive, RAID1), transfering all Nextcloud Data to the external Raid System (connected via usb). Maybe creating backups on the internal hdd.

what do you think?
how to you safe your backups?

thankful for any advice!

RAID offers SOME redundancy, but is NOT a backup solution. RAID (of every kind) has plenty of failure modes that will leave you without data. The purpose of RAID (except JBOD RAID-0) is to increase your uptime by adding a level of fault tolerance, but it does not protect you from a long list of potential problems that an offline backup does.

For my purposes, my Nextcloud IS my offline backup, and I have files_versions enabled to give me some way to back-track if I damage a file. Plus then I rsync the files from my Nextcloud data directory (and some other stuff) to a secondary drive in my server. But I only trust that system, because my Nextcloud server is already off-site with my primary data living on my home PC. I would not feel that such a solution is sufficient if I kept everything at home, or for a business’ purposes.


before you start writing a bash skript with tar and so on have a look at restic

depends. i would put my data at least on another “server”. e.g. raspi+hdd.
if you want to protect against thunderstorm and fire you have to place that device in another house.

restic and rclone could make backups to cloud storage like aws s3. but 1tb is not that cheap. ->

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In case you really need a strong EXTERNAL backup, you have the S3 cold storage available, with pricing like 0,004 USD Go/mois.

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