Backup&Restore of Login Page Picture and Avatars?

How to backup&restore nextcloud including the picture of the login page and the user avatars?
In my case both were lost.
I restored the database, config.php and the data directory.

I don’t have access to my NC instance atm, but will double check tomorrow. Is it possible that the default login page picture is located somewhere in a “theme” folder? The avatar is a tricky one. I would have guessed that would be in the data folder. I will check once I get to my instance. Sorry could not help more atm.

there is a directory /var/nc-data/appdata_xxxxxxx with subfolders avatar and theming.
but on the new machine i have two of them.

how can this happen?how to prefend that a second one is created?

It creates by defaukt during the install. What happens if you remove the new one and just keep the backed up one?

As far as I remember I installed everything with my plabook.
Deleted the new created data directory and restored the old one from backup. Restored the database. And edited the config.php. And I changed the path of the data directory.

So why a new app_xxxxx directory was created and when?

because of the unique name. (app_yyyyy instead of app_xxxxx) i would have to copy the content from old to new folder. or find the place in the config to change yyyyy and xxxxx.
just delete the new one won’t work.