Backup questions

I’m new with nextcloud and have some questions about backups. I’d like to save backups to the SD card. Data is saved to a usb drive. I don’t think that saving those backups to the usb drive is a good idea (if it breaks in future).

  1. Which is the right path to save backup files to the sd card?
  2. is there a easy way to pull backups to to my pc? Maybe it’s a good idea to save a second copy of a backup offline.

Could someone help with these questions? Thanks

you could rsync your backupfiles to any other desired location.

do you have instructions for that?

errrr… since i don’t know much about the involved HW i can’t tell you exactly, i’m afraid.

but google is your friend. With a searchterm like rsync linux windows there should be some helpful links.


I do a tar cfz of the nextcloud directory and the data directory, and dump the mysql database. This works, I just had to reinstall a broken cloud. The backup was only 2 days old, so no great loss. The rsync method would also work, but be sure to have the database included.

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