Backup Nextcloud to connected NAS via SMB


my NextCloudPi ist connected to a NAS via SMB-Mounts.
How can I configure automatic backups?

Dont know what to insert in the field Destination Directory.
As default there is /media/USBdrive/ncp-backups mentioned.
But I have no physical mounted volume.

Is it possible to store the backups via smb?
If yes what should I insert there?

Perhaps someone has an idea. :wink:


If you habe mounted your NAS, you have used a mountpoint. Propably you mounted it with fstab which would be something like:
IPadressNAS/whereveryourfilesare /mnt/pointonyourncpdevice

If you have done it that way you should find your NAS-files on your ncp-machine with “cd /mnt/pointonyourncpdevice” and “ls”.
Give ncp that path and it should work.

I think you can better backup your NAS including the SMB-Mounts from Nextcloud.
I hope you already have a backup strategy for your NAS.
Then you must not backup the SMB-Mounts from the point of view of Nextcloud.
Plan also a restore concept.