Backup from ServerA E2E encrypted to ServerB?

Hi there,

is it possible to backup (or simply send) files from ServerA to ServerB but with E2E encryption so that ServerB is unable to read them?

I would like to build a setup where I backup my files to my friends NC box. So I have a backup. But they can not see it.
And they have a backup on my box. But I can not see it.

Is this somehow possible.

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Yes, you can move the encrypted files anywhere you like. Be aware Nextcloud E2E is still proof-of-concept, so I would have zero trust in the tool until it is considered stable. Possible issues include lack of available clients, inability to decrypt files, data corruption, etc.

For now you can use GPG or Cryptomator as mature client-side encryption tools previously mentioned as suggestions.

Edit: you can also use Borg Backup for encrypting and remotely archiving all the data on your server. Search the web for several alternatives as well. All of this kind of info can also be found by searching deeper into this forum.

Good luck, and be sure to research whatever tool you use + take clear notes.


maybe I wasn’t quite clear.
I do not intend to backup my files to my NC box with E2E encrypted enabled.
Basically I want to have my personal NC box at home with maybe server-side encryption enabled. But that’s about it.
But whenever my data leaves my network it should be E2E encrypted. So I know it is safe (in the sense of backup) but the owner of the other NC box is unable to view my data.

Thanks for the clarification.

serverside encryption will encrypt files added to mounted external storage. Be sure to read the docs to confirm it works as you expect.

Edit: worth noting server side encryption will break various functionality in Nextcloud and increase file sizes around 40%.

E2E = client side encryption. Client side encrypted files are actually encrypted before they are uploaded to your own server. In your own webui they will still be encrypted! Hence, no unencrypted access on either end.