Backup fotos. Keep on phone

I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found anything yet.
I would like to be able to automatically sync my fotos in my nc (works) and then be able to remove them from my nc to my computer whilst leaving them on my mobile. So I have all pictures offline on my computer and on my phone. Is that possible? So the app should only upload new pictures and not old ones even if there not in the cloud yer

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In iOS, if I sync photos/images it uploads by default just new ones. If I want to upload the whole album, I have to select to upload the “camera roll” to upload everything. For the android client, perhaps someone else can help out.

I don’t know how the mobile app keeps track of the photos already uploaded. I’d keep the last few ones on your Nextcloud and then just copy on a desktop client photos older than xx days to a backup storage. Or copy directly and then only delete after some time on the NC storage.