"Backup detected" issue with SMB external storage

This refers to that issue: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/26071

I just verified that this still/also exists in NC10. I was able to reproduce the issue by setting up a vanilla NC10 installation with a new/empty MySQL DB. The only additional plugin I’ve enabled is “External storage support 1.0.2”. I added a local (same server) SMB share (containing a lot of files) and after a while the “backup detected” issue occurs.

Any chance that will get fixed in NC10 some time soon? For me that makes NC/OC more or less useless as all my data is contained in “external storage” accessed via SMB.

Don’t think it makes a lot of sense to track this here. Not sure if you can just contribute to the same issue (considering that NC10 and OC9.1 are similar enough in this point) and in doubt rather open an issue on github.com/nextcloud/server/issue and link to the OC-topic that developers from both sides can follow the topics.