Backup Client that uses Nextcloud Storage

Does there exist any backup software that uses Nextcloud as its storage space for incremental backups?

It would be nice to not get extra space somewhere else when I already got lots of space on my hosted nextcloud server.

Anything that can back up to WebDav should work. It does not have to be Nextcloud specific.

Well, you can’t really go the webdav route, if you got 200 users; you’d have to punch in the usernames and passwords of all users, and you won’t get revision history or metadata, like tags. You also won’t get server configuration and whatnot.

I think to get any useful answers, you need to explain the use case a little bit more detail. What (roughly) is it you need backed up, how many users (ok, ~200), what exactly do you expect from a backup.

Backup can mean anything from “I’m copying this file over to this USB-Stick” up to a backblaze-like server farm.

Well, a backup means an incremental backup of the entire dataset, database and configuration; enough to be able to restore the current state at whatever location; anything less would not be considered a backup in my brain.

Ok, eh; I think I’m replying to the wrong thread;)

My question was a backup client that uses nextcloud as its storage space and that has nothing to do with nextcloud and its configuration or users; SORRY;)

Ok, so basically, a backup client that can be installed on any computer running Windows that backs up incrementally a directory and uses nextcloud as its storage space;)

That’s what was the topic, here; again sorry;)

So, yes, a backup client that has webdav to store its backup, but any names of such software?

Any WebDav client should work. Here are two you could try, though I have no personal experience with either.