Backup App stuck in creating complete restore point

Hi there,

i am using NC 23.0.4 and Backup App 1.0.6

I clicked on “create a full restore point” and since then it stalled in “The creation of a restoring point as been requested and will be initiated soon” for hours.

Cron Jobs are running fine.

I have no idea how to cancel the creation of the full backup, neither how to fix this (the button is greyed out now)

Could anyone help?


Ok, i can answer to myself :wink:

The WebGUI put NC into maintenance mode but never starts a full backup.
I disabled maintenance mode via OCC and run a full backup manually via occ Backup:point…

It seems the WebGuUI is a little bit buggy because this happens again and again…but via OCC it works as it should.

Maybe this helps anyone in future.

OCC is not an option for many of users.

I wonder why this thread finishes with a :white_check_mark: Solution tag