Background job Something seems wrong


Im facing problem :Last background job execution ran 2 days ago. Something seems wrong

i upgraded php from 7.0 to 7.1 and i got this problem

if you can see in our nextcloud php V 7.0 IF I check from the server i found 7.1

if check systemctl status corn :
Active: inactive (dead)

You seem to mix-up the PHP cli (command line interface) and web components. Both should be on the current version. For the web web access you first need to make sure that the PHP web modules are on the right version. You can check this PHP information by e.g. creating a file info.php in the root directory of your server, which contains the following line “<?php phpinfo() ?>”, and open it using your web browser. (Make sure that you delete the file once the upgrade was successful)

Due to the fact that PHP updates on Ubuntu have already been discussed in this forum, you might find e.g. this information useful: