Background feature for Nextcloud Talk

hello, i would use talk for company meetings
how i could use a backgound different from an automatic private home one ?

thank a lot

Hey @alfredoma
What kind of background are you talking about? Are you referring to „virtual backgrounds“, so you are in front of an image?

Hi Syskeeper, yes, a virtual background, like teams , zoom and so, for make the people working in smartworking from home (so make them connect drom kitchen etc…

thanks Alfredo

I am fairly sure that any backround replacement screen software that works with your camera will do this automatically.

For example Nvidia Broadcast that is provided for free with Nvidia cards. This will be your selected camera and not the default cam for example.

However, on a mobile app I would suspect there is a similar cam app or backround replacement app that you would install and select that camera instead of the default built in cam.

Usually the backround screen replacement app create a device that you select.

IE logitech webcam for example would be the default and show all backrounds like your living room etc.

However, with a backround replacement it creates a device called ChromaCam or something similar. For Nvidia it creates a device called Nvidia Broadcast and you select that device.

The software package that is ChromaCam or Nvidia Broadcaster does the rest and replaces the backround for your per the software install and it also creates a camera device that you select for your applications. The software does the rest.

In the same way this works for OBS, Skype and other broadcasting you would select this device instead and it should replace the backround screen for you.

Hope this helps.