Background (Cron) Jobs


I’m facing an odd issue with my instance running v27.0.1 that I was hoping I can get some insight. I have configured the background job (Cronjobs) and has been showing it’s been executing every 5 minutes. But I see it operating normally when I’m on a Linux machine or Android device, but when I’m on a Windows platform, it show “Last job execution ran 3 hours ago. Something seems wrong.” That’s strange to me :slight_smile: I have provided 2 screen shots from each platform. Please advise.

To make sure I’m understanding your point: you’re getting different status messages from the very same NC instance depending on which device you’re logged in from?

This particular check does rely on the client-side time. Are your clocks/time zones different across these devices perhaps?

Thanks for the insight. I didn’t realized that part after imaging Windows 11. It’s showing the cronjob operating normally now. Thanks again!