Backend integration of DAV/calendar for vJournal in custom app

I`m trying to build some kind of Notes app, that should base on vJournal Entries within the calendars of my users.
I studied the tasks app to implement the JS dav client that allows the handling on vJournal entries.

My question here aims towards the backend access to dav and in particular to the calendars of my users, without sending requests to the Sabre DAV Server. I would like to do this, because a service (or a BackgroundTask within my app) are designd to parses an external source and creates corresponding VJournal entries for my users in there calendars.

I searched the nextcloud api as well as other apps for components that use the dav, but so far i could only find js dav clients that where used.

If somebody could point me in the right direction towards a service or an api class that implements a dav client on php, that I could use to access the calendarobjects, that would be very nice.

Thanks, …

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my only other idea so far, is a direct DB access to my calendarobjects table, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a good idea.