Avoid autodownload of data in full quality on Android device

Hello Community,

i love my Nextcloud 13 on a diy-NAS. Everything works fine including uploading pictures and other stuff from a Windows Notebook and auto-uploading from my Android device by using the latest version of NextcloudApp. So i am planing to use my cloud as auto-storage of all media in high quality.

Buuuut: i thought that the app on my android smartphone leaves only a low quality thumbnail on my device to be able to browse media files and spares tons of space. But that is not what NC-App does. It automatically downloads a full copy of any content, that any user uploads to shared folders on my NC cloud. So my phones storage remains full and i could not realize the behavior i wanted.

My question to you guys: What would be the best and fastest way to realize it?

  1. Is there a setup for NC-app (which i couldn´t find so far) to do so?
  2. Shall i use a synchro-app (e.g. folder sync)?
  3. Do i have to intregrate Dropbox or any other addtional cloud?
  4. Webdav?
  5. Is there a way to configure Nextcloud (also console) in that way it works?

Please tell me which way u prefer and why =)


On android it’s already been implemented when navigating with the nextcloud android app. I’m guessing you want to view them in a separate gallery app and then explicitly download the HQ version when needed.

Unfortunately the app’s use logic is after browsing images in a compressed format you select the image to download or the folder to sync it will download the full quality image.


  • If you want compressed images in the separate gallery app you would have to set up a conversion on your NAS using imagmagik or another application and store them in a separate folder.
  • Then you could auto-upload with Original file will be ... deleted enabled.
  • Then sync the images in the low quality images folder using nextcloud or the third party application like folder sync


thank you, that solution should show the behavior on my mobile i want, but i dont really like that this way i create even more copies. I would prefer a way with just a low quality thumbnail for browsing.
But still i will give it a try :slight_smile:


Have you set the option “keep file offline” to on? This can be the reason why it gets downloaded.
Hint: You are at the wrong section here for android.This section is for webapps like calendar, contacts or activity. The right section is here:

Nothing to do, since I reported your thread to a moderator. They will move it into the right section :wink:

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Like mentioned the Android client doesn’t do anything you mentioned except when you marked it as “keep available offline” which will always download the original. If you are using the latest version (3.0.x) then no we do not download the images but download a compressed, resized version for you to preview. So I am not sure

Only thing I could think of is that this is an issue with shared folders, so cc @tobiasKaminsky and @mario while to address issues/bugs/feature requests, the only save way and also the right way is to address this on the Github issue tracker of the Nextcloud Android client: https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues


ok, nc-app works as described now. I think either i was confused about free storage on my mobile or it calculated it falsely. Tried to reproduce the problem several times without success. So please forget about this topic.
Thanks for your support


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