AutoUpload stopped working, force resync?

I just figured out that the autoupload feature on my mobile phone stopped working last year 07/2022. Turns out all the auto-upload settings were reset to default. After re-enabling all the settings only a small part of the images are being uploaded to nextcloud.

How do I force nextcloud to sync all images/files from autoupload so I can be sure not to loose any data?

It is nice that you let us know that you’re having issues with your mobile phone app, without even mentioning what kind of phone you are using. Additionally you haven’t provided any information about your environment (server, OS, versions, etc.) because you ignored the support template.

The only recommendation I can give you at this point is, to use the search function of the forum to find information about similar auto upload issues which have been asked and answered in the past.

I didn’t see any support template when creating the post. Where would I find it?

I did search for the problem, I know there is a option called “Also upload existing files” but it does nothing, hence my question if I can explicitly resync files.

I’m on version 3.25.0 of the nextcloud android app.