Autoupload of photos not working anymore

Since about a month my autoupload of photos in Android is not working anymore.
I’ve checked the settings, everything seems to be correct. Upload is activated, source and destination is selected properly.
Syncing of files with nextcloud is working.
I tried to move the photos on the phone from DCIM-subfolder into the nextcloud-folder. That is also not syncing.
What can I do now?

Check if you have an android “battery saving” modeenabled in your settings. When you turn it off and wait a few minutes, it could be uploading again. That was the case for me. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am aware of that problem and I get a message that I should check that. So I deactivated the energy savings at all and it is still not uploading any photo. Syncing of files inside nextcloud is working. I have no idea what to do.

Did you try to manually upload a photo? Does this work?

Sorry for slow responding. I appreciate your assistance.
Yes manual upload is working.
I’ve found a hint by google. Deny and allow memory access in Android solves the problem. New pictures are uploading. The older photos must be uploaded manually.

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