Autoupdate broke system (Redix/Postfix down) - how best to recover?

System - Pi3 running HypriotOS with official NextCloud docker container from docker hub.

Versions - NextCloudPi v0.59.0, image NextCloudPlus_04-29-18

Issue - normally I just leave the system to run and update itself stand-alone (nc-autoupdate-ncp and nc-update-nextcloud both enabled), but I came back from holiday to a non-functional system.

I can access the NextCloudPi panel, which reports a NextCloud check error and both Redis and Postfix services down (and the ports 80/443 closed, although they are actually open on the router and pointed to the pi).

If I try and update nextcloud (nc-update) that works, but if I try nc-update-nextcloud (to version 13.0.4 if I just leave the default) it fails with a PHP warning for Redis connect of no such file or directory in /var/www/nextcloud/lb/private/RedisFactory.php at line 84 and a “Malformed version”.

The main user access is not working (“Internal server error”), so my question is how best to recover the situation? All the data is on a USB drive, so hopefully should be safe (?). Should I just blow away the container/image, download a new one and create a new container, or is there a better way of restoring the current one?

No inputs from anyone?

Will look at the rebuild over the weekend unless anyone can give me a better course of action to salvage the existing set-up…

OK blew it away and put a new container.

Now it’s running, but only after having to also remove the data and essentially start completely afresh. Not a big issue as the data stored wasn’t that much and I have it saved off and repopulated now.

But Let’s Encrypt is now giving problems, but that’s for another thread.