Autostart on system startup turns itself off

Hello everybody,

I have a weird problem with my nextcloud client on several computers running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: the autostart option turns itself off from time to time and the client doesn’t start on system startup. This is not a huge bug but quite annoying as you have to check if nextcloud is running before accessing any file that needs to be in sync before using it. No “optimizing”-software is installed and I didn’t touch the nextcloud-entry with the Windows Task Manager’s ability to modify the autostart. The used antivirus is Windows Defender. Affected (tested) client versions are 2.3.2 and 2.3.3.

Does anybody have a little hint for me how to do some further analysis on this issue?


I just had the same problem, with version 2.3.3… Maybe it happened because we added a new Nextclout account and removed an old one. I’ll make some more tests and tell you what happens.

Now that you mention it: last week I had to reinstall my server. Therefore I removed and re-added the affected accounts on all my clients without re-downloading the files. The autostart was indeed lost on every single machine, even on the two Linux boxes.

I was able to reproduce this. The client started up fine, then I added three other accounts (two of them on my LAN with SSL-certificates signed by the CA I created for myself) and the autostart-flag was gone right after that.