Automaticly delete session cookies

I have prepared docker-compose that works on nextcloud-19
When I try to upgrade to nextcloud-20 login stop works
When I investigate what’s wrong I found that CSRF token is wrong in core/Controller/LoginController.php line 296

I found that server sending always to delete cookies … even when I try do it in curl

< server: nginx/1.19.3
< set-cookie: ocz1umvvhu3i=7c482907256bc875cae4b100563bde8c; path=/; secure; HttpOnly; SameSite=Lax
< set-cookie: ocz1umvvhu3i=deleted; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT; Max-Age=0; path=/

Where I can find code where this cookie is set and unset ?
I will try to debug this…

OK… the problem was in redis password… I don’t want to set password, so I removed password line from redis.config.php and I set environment REDIDS_HOST_PASSWORD to false :wink:

I set Redis password in redis and set it in environment… after this everything works! :slight_smile:

BTW … this should be some warning/error in nextcloud log.