Automatically sharing "home folder" for all users

Hello all,

I apologize if this is the wrong channel for my question. If so, please feel free to move the topic elsewhere.

I have a very basic, noob question: each user’s Home folder is a private space for them to use. As admin, in order to have all the users in my organisation sharing and collaborating on the same folder structure, I have to create one “project folder” and add them all to it. That’s working. All good.

Now, the question is, is there a way to automatically create a home where all users upon login fall into and can start working with? Or is this by design not possible? Thanks

Interesting question. I was very close to saying that that wouldn’t be possible, but I suppose you might be able to hack your way around something like that with a properly crafted rewrite rule.

https://your.nextcloud.inst/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/&fileid=xxxxx ==> https://your.nextcloud.inst/index.php/apps/files/?dir=/shareroot

That should effectively force all users into /shareroot when they try to access their own root.

well, that sounds easy. Is that some kind of rerouting? Excuse my ignorance, but where do I get access to such global rules that affect all users?

do you foresee any possible issue along the way?


Web server configuration files, i.e. Apache or Nginx. No idea about issues it may create, I’ve never tried like that before.

You could use the external storage app for excaclty this.

I’m managing the server via web front-end only… I guess it’s not possible then?

I’ll check that out. Thx!