Automatically display a message file (like etc) in each folder


I sometimes share a folder with many different files to people (many not very computer-skilled), so I would like to have a file displayed automatically when people open a folder.

For example, look at
There you have a file list, but also it display the contents of with some useful information for all readers.

This way the visitor will be shown some helpful text messages instead of a bunch of files only.

Someone else thinks this is a good idea?


I think that is a great idea, I also need this feature. An introduction to the contents of a folder would be really helpfull. And using the file for that can be considered a standard.

The is a markdown editor

But it only has a preview in the sidebar after you click on a md file.


I’m also very interested in such a feature. Are there any news about it ?


I am interested too! This sounds like a trivial thing to add, but huge benefit!

Some time ago I found an app called in the Nextcloud app store. It’s working well, please try!

More info here:

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