Automatically convert uploaded JPG to PDF (with OCR)?


is there a possibility to automatically convert uploaded JPG files to PDF?

What I like to achieve (some kind of digital mail room for my documents):

  • take a photo of my documents by using my mobile phone (iphone)

  • upload the JPEG document to a specific “Inbox” folder in NC

  • the uploaded JPEG document should be automatically converted to PDF (ideally with OCR)

  • If possible it should also work to convert a uploaded non-searchable PDF (with multiple pages) to a searchable (OCR) PDF.

Any idea? Is this possible?

Thanks a lot.

yes, using this app: Optical character recognition (OCR)

Nextcloud OCR (optical character recoginition) processing for images and PDF with tesseract-ocr and OCRmyPDF brings OCR capability to your Nextcloud 10.

Please note that there are some caveats. For example you have to install extra software on your server

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thanks a lot. I will check.


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The OCR app does the pdf generation, but afaik it’s not happening automatically and there is not yet any mechanism that listens to an event like a new document event in a certain folder. The user still needs to manually trigger the OCR process manually via UI.

It would need to be implemented in a custom app that has a hook / event listener on new files in a certain folder (i.e. could be that the folder has a certain tag) and then start the OCR process.