Automatic video upload


I set up the option to uploads automatically.
The app does upload pictures (not sure about reliance with that) but it wont upload videos, nor does it show them in the app.

This doesnt seem to be acommon problem, as I havent found anything regarding it when searching.

My phone is a Galxy S7 running android app with actual nextcloudpi version on server and actual version of apl on client side.

Thanks in advance for any answers solving the issue :slight_smile:


Does the auto upload view show 2 entries (one for images and one for videos) and are both being activated?
Else you could try to setup a custom folder via the top right menu which uploads anything within the specified folder.

Hi Andy,
Thanks fot your reply.

It does not show me any options regarding videos or fotos (please see attached folder).
In the preload view within the automatic upload menu it also only shows photos but lacks to show any videos.

Hi @empydempy,

the video/photo distinction is to be found n the list itself Icon on the left side of the list items. Maybe you can post a screenshot from the auto upload list view?

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Videos have to be seperately configured, even if they are in the same folder.