Automatic upload photos and video from iPhone 7 plus iOS 13.2 no works properly

Hello, I have installed Nextcloud over freenas 11 and works perfectly but I have got an iphone 7 plus and I thougt that I could to use nextcloud app to make a copy of all my photos and videos in automatic mode.

So I have enabled “Automatic uploads” and “Automatic upload of photos and videos” in my iOS app. And works, but when the app is in second plane the automatic uploads no works, no upload anything, is like freeze. You need open the app again and select “Transfers” again to resume the uploads.

Is this a bug or in iOS system this option works in this way?


It works as designed, only new pictures are automatically uploaded. To upload existing pictures you have to use a standard upload function.

I don’t understand very well. You say that when I make a new photo automaticly is upload to nextcloud?

Then what’s the diference with the photos in the camera roll that I don’t upload to the nextcloud?

I thougt that my camera roll was “syncronized” with nextcloud, obusly the new phote must be uploaded automaticly.


It is a usual mechanism to upload only files from a given date onwards to reduce the amount of data which need to be processed. Although the Nextcloud App internally uses sync mechanism it isn’t a fully blown sync app, like e.g. FolderSync on Android.