Automatic upgrade from 17.0.4 to 18.0.2


My nextcloud server was initially installed in 17.0.2 version, I update it to 17.0.3 and 17.0.4 without issues with the automatic update function (from admin web interface).

So my actual version is 17.0.4
Now, the 18.0.2 version is shown to be available from admin interface, to be installed.

I would like to know if there is any risk to apply this upgrade to my server ?
My server config is
centos 8
php with php-fpm

and installed apps are
Zimbra Drive
Ransomware protection
Quota warning

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afaik this one is not yet supported in nc >18… but i can be wrong

awww and whatever you do pls have a backup ready!


OK, thank for your reply

I have already start the upgrade process, download source only
Is there a way to cancel it ?

Due to the fact that all systems are different and all updates could have an impact on a system, you should follow the usual recommendations and create backups of your system, databases and files, etc. before you’re going to apply the update. Although I haven’t had any problems updating my system things might run different on your server.
Please also use the search function of this forum to get an idea what can cause possible update problems.

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Personally, I already migrated 8 instances to 18.0.0 (and…1/.2) but left two critical ones on 17, manly due to the fact that the new vue.js in user management still has some issues, like “one cannot edit oneself”. This will probably be fixed with .3. If so, I’ll migrate the remaining two systems.

I always take a snapshot. Sometimes i need to go back.

I have a similar server setup to yours and didn’t experience any issues. I also keep regular backups so it’s easy to rollback in case of unrecoverable problems.

Not at all, I followed the same upgrade path too, just use the web updater, is the one I always use :slight_smile:

I have done the same thing from 17.0.x to 18.1 without problems

Hello, thank you for your reply

Do you have also Zimbra Drive ?
It may be an issue with Zimbra Drive after upgrade.


The 18+ series is a complete rewrite of Nextcloud’s SQL handling.

Don’t just update to the 18.xx version since it will break your system.
Please Backup your sql files and your data.(I didn’t!) before you do a new install.



“EdG973 via Nextcloud community” schreef op 20 maart 2020 15:54:

Was the automatic upgrade made using NextcloudPi web interface?

No, I’m sorry.

I am using Ubuntu Server 18.04 and Apache and MariaDb. On my syste update was without any troubles and is now up to date. Apps do not matter…

i hope this helps


Christian Anzinger

Yes, disable ZimbraDrive before upgrading…also after running the upgrade you will more than likely need to run (sudo -u nginx php /usr/share/nginx/html/nextcloud/occ db:add-missing-indices)


i’m sure that was meant for you… :wink:

Be aware that NC18 still doesn’t provide gallery view for public links. If You share photos with public link don’t upgrade yet.

Do you ever enable your apps store in your config.php if not that may be the reason tha you have no issues

You should not have any issues with the upgrade to 18.0.2

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Yes, it was. My apologies

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Thank you for your reply

Do you know if Zimbra Drive is compatible with 18.0.2 ?