Automatic tagging of photos when they are created


I use the automatic upload feature of photos to a nextcloud server.
The option “Use subfolders” help to get a bit more organized.
But still there is work after the upload to name the folders / group folders that belong somehow together. Often the day is too coarse.
Usually I do not have time to group the folders immediately and so the upload mess grows and grows over time until I clean them up :frowning:

It came just to my mind that it would be nice to automatically tag the photos when they get created with a selectable tag or even tags, that can be changed depending on the situation.
e.g. vacation, italy, toscana, …

First thing that came to my mind was that this should be done by the camera app.
The meta data could be stored inside the photo (e.g. EXIF).
I could not find anything like that.

The second one was that the nexcloud app scans for new photos and adds them to the upload list.
It should then be possible to match a selected tag/selected tags with the photos taken.

The third thing just coming to my mind, is that it would be the best to have this list of tags in some kind of timeline stored. Just a list of tags + time. This timeline is then also uploaded together with the images. The tags are then applied to the photos on the server. The big advantage of this method would be that the tags could even be applied to photos made from different cameras! That would be a feature. Usually not all photos are taken with a mobile phone that has nextcloud installed.

So my proposal / feature request would look like:

  • Add a timeline (tag+time) feature to the nextcloud app
  • Add a timeline tag upload feature
  • Add a timeline apply feature for photos
  • Add a timeline search / proposal feature for photos taken at the same time with different camera
  • To improve the auto upload I would also propose to add some kind of use tag as foldername and group photos by tag e.g.
  • Maybe the time+tag meta information can be used for other things too - e.g. Talk Status

I think this feature would give a huge speed boost for photo organization.

BR, Joe