Automatic Sync between files on Mac OS10.15.7 and Nextcloud

Hi there,

I’ve installed Nextcloud recently on my Mac in order to do a simple backup, ideally automatic once a day or whenever a file/folder changes. I’m a total newbie and a simple user/not knowledgable about what happens behind the curtain of any software, so please be kind :grimacing:

Nextcloud version: 3.2.0git (build 5389) for Mac
OS: Mac OS10.15.7

In my settings I’ve connected the folders I want to keep in sync and it all looks fine (green tick next to the folder/files). From my understanding it should keep in sync automatically. However, it never does.

My remedy so far has been to manually sync, by duplicating the file or folder I want in sync, moving it manually into the nextcloud folder and thus replacing the old file/folder with it. Pretty annoying.

I’d be grateful if anybody could advise how I can get nextcloud to sync by itself without my “weird dance around”. Thank you very much for your help!

Best, Lilly

If you are synced (green icon), create a small new file on the sync folder, check if that is synced to Nextcloud (via webinterface). Also try the other way round, create a file via webinterface. It is not suddenly synced, but it should be within 5 min. If that does not work, try it again and open a log window, open the main interface and press F12, a log window should open.

If it does not sync, you can also try to pause the sync in the main window and resume the sync.

Dear tflidd,

thank you very much for your help!
I’m synced (green arrow), so I followed your instructions, creating files in the sync folder, as well as via webinterface. (Unfortunately I don’t know how to generate a log window, as my Macbook Pro doesn’t have an F12 button - any other way to get there?)
Also, I stopped and resumed syncing. Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

Just to make sure I didn’t get anything wrong:
I’ve got my nextcloud folder (with all the green arrows) that shows me what is stored remotely in the cloud. And I have my local folder which I want to be in sync with. What I see in the nextcloud folder is identical to what I see on the web interface, because it reflects the files that are stored in the cloud - is that correct? Or is the folder on my desktop/in the nextcloud up stored somewhere locally on my computer and I got that wrong and thus I already have a synced folder (local:cloud)?

Thanks again for your help and sorry if these are stupid questions - I’m a total rookie and all things cloud related.