Automatic software update

My Nextcloud Box is Version: Nextcloud 11.0.3 (stable).
I understand that Version 12 is the recently released version.
Will my system update automatically without user interference or do I have to do a manual system update?

You will have to start the update manual.
I think the easiest way is the updater app:

More methods to update can be fount:

Hi tacruc,
thanks for your immediate and helpful answer.
I will try.

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are you running the snappy-version that came with NC-box? if yes… you prolly need to wait until the maintainer will update the snap. asaik

Hi JimmyKater,

are you running the snappy-version that came with NC-box?

i don’t really know. But i know for sure that the original version was broken and i had to download the new version from this adress: This image supports Raspberry PI3 as wel,l and not as the original version PI2 only.
So I will try follow the path suggested by tacruc - after a backup.

Thank you

Hi all,
I’ve read the pertinent documentation and get hooked already on the first paragraph

You should see a notification at the top of any Nextcloud page when there is a new update available. Go to the admin settings page and scroll to the section “Version”. This section has a button to open the updater. This section as well as the update notification is only available if the update notication app is enabled in the apps management.

On my installation there is no button to open an updater :frowning:
Where do i need to go to access “apps management” ???

i think you’re running a snappy-NC. which - most probably - means you need to wait until the snap-maintainer is gonna update the snap (afaik).

in general you find the app-section after logging in as a admin and chose the “+” sign somewhere on the right… (klick your pic/icon in the upper right corner and chose it from the menu there)

Hi JimmyKater,
yes thats correct - I know.
But my question pertains to the fact that my installation does not provide me with a button to open the updater.

Hi tacruc,
it’s me again.
Can it be that the updater app is only available in NC 12? The documentation at least is written for NC Server Version 12.
I’m only on Version 11.0.3 stable.
Can it be that there is no “updater app” available for my version?
And how can I update to version 12?.
Thank you

most probably

awww and don’t forget to read:
(especially 2nd praragraph)

yes indeed.
This is good news. Lets hope that the timeframe does not get streched as it was when many people (including me) where waiting for an image supporting the PI3 - i believe about 6 month!.
Thanks for the info

am keeping my fingers crossed for you.:wink: