Automatic scripts

The idea is to have scrips

e.g. for picture edit (rename, compress, …). When a new picture was uploaded the script run automaticall cause the picture was located in the defined folder.

e.g. for pdf. The scanner upload a pdf to the scan folder and the nc ocr extension will be start on the new file cause a script file say it.

Hi @DarkknightAK

I’ve a scanner which uploads pdf files via samba into my nextcloud server folder. This folder is observed by incrond. Incron calls a occ files:scan if a new file appears.


thanks for the reply. Will be the more save way yes.

I wrote a script that watches (via cronjob) a certain folder where I upload my photos. It copies the originals and moves compressed copies to a specific folder. I don’t know how safe this method is concerning loss of data, but it worked so far for me. I just started to tinker with app development, but don’t expect anything soon :wink: