Automatic pictures backup / export

Hi Community,

Maybe I didn’t parse the forum deep enough, but I couldn’t find an answer to the following question:

  • My son is using a iPhone 11 device but is running out of memory.
  • He’s mulling subscribing to iCloud with a paid account.
  • I’ve praised Nextcloud as the perfect replacement for iCloud as I have a private family server running the app (self-hosting as a Docker container).
  • I’ve installed the iOS client on his device, expecting the following behavior:
    ** Existing pictures on his device would be uploaded to the server as a background task.
    ** New pictures would be uploaded to the server in real time.
    ** Pictures that are not accessed within X days (typically 30 days) would be deleted from his device but not from the server, being replaced by a link, thus saving memory.
    ** All pictures would display in the gallery, clicking on a deleted picture would simply download it from the server before viewing.

I didn’t manage to get this working and suspect I’ve misinterpreted the client documentation: is this possible? If yes, what are the parameters I have to set up on the iPhone to get this working as described above?

Thanks in advance for any help!

There is an auto upload function (more → settings - auto upload). Either over wifi (you should from time to time start the nextcloud client when connected via wifi) or auto-upload in the background (needs gps).

In the same menu you can remove a photo from camera roll after upload.

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Thanks @tflidd! Looks like the automatic pictures removal if not accessed does not exist, does it?

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Its not possible but you can automatically remove the photos just after the upload. But there is no option to wait some time before deleting.
If you have regular wifi access, you can authorize upload only on wifi which will delay the upload.
If internet is activated, the upload is very very fast and your photos will only be accessible on the nextckoud app (I do this, it’s fine).

Another solution is to choose the option which move photos to the folder of the application and sometimes to locally delete the photos on your phone in the nc app.

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