Automatic kdbx backup/export of password database


I want to suggest a feature to the password apps team. Where’s the right place?
I would love to have an automatic kdbx-file backup of the passwords database.

Benjamin | molitor

You set this up on your local machine or server.

Backup is something you schedule externally from Nextcloud… which specific file doesn’t matter.
You can use cron to make a scheduled automatic backup via rsync.
Or, make the backup from a client device.
Or all of the above.

Passwords app is not keepass specific. You might be thinking of #apps:keeweb

hey, to be precise, my question was where to put a feature request for the passwords app. I know the password app backups itself into the appdata directory. The feature I want is the possibility to periodically export the database to kdbx format like it’s possible to export it to csv or other spreadsheet formats. Reason is that our nextcloud was offline in the morning and some users couldn’t access passwords they needed. It’s just to be able to make a local copy of that database – not as a spreadsheet but in a standard encrypted format.

My suggestion. Skip that app entirely and run keepass directly off of your mobile devices + use KeepassXC on desktop. They are so much better than either webapp it is unreal.

Check documentation
And file requests to Issues · marius-wieschollek/passwords · GitHub

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If I were the only user, this would be an appropriate solution, but we are 60+ users and need to share passwords via individual users, which the keeweb-app is not capable of unless you have multiple kdbx files which you then share with the respective people separately. All-in-all the Keepass way would be too complicated for what we need most of the time.

Got it. You’ll need to code this yourself if it is that important. No support is available from the Nextcloud devs at all, but you can file the issue to the repo. Or, switch to keeweb if having a keepass database is the most important thing. Good luck.

edit: Perhaps you could re-engineer this script to migrate from passwords json to Keepass format.

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