Automatic backup of my calendar and contacts

I have a small problem with the NextCloud mobile application: I have programmed an automatic backup of my calendar and contacts but the problem is that if I don’t launch it manually it doesn’t run even though the checkbox for daily execution is checked.

Information: I am on version 22.2.3 of NextCloud
And the mobile client version: 3.18.0
On Android 11

I also have a problem with the automatic file synchronisation: it does not start

In general in case of client/server application like Nextcloud you don’t want to backup on the client side (what if there are multiple clients → which one is the best to perform backups?). In my eyes it’s better to backup the server and improve client connections so the is no stale local data…

I’m really sorry, but I don’t understand your answer.

you should not backup your client but rather backup your server

I will focus on this point indeed, thank you