Automated move/copy from external storage

This is my roundabout way of getting photos I take on my windows phone into NC:

  • Connect Dropbox on the device
  • Turn on camera backup
  • Connect dropbox to NC as permanent external storage
  • Move the photos from the camera backup folder on DB to my photos area on NC

Is there a way I can automate this?

I thought I could simply create a cronjob initially to move the files about and let NC pick up the changes periodically on a scan, but of course NC doesn’t sync the contents of dropbox, it simply displays them until I do something with those files manually.

So I’m unsure of what to try next. Suggestions?

Are you using the Dropbox or oC/NC client on your local machine? You could set a watch on the photos folder and sync between the 2…

It’s not what you’re asking for but, if you’re using the clients already…

@Raegar not at the moment, I keep it all in the browser. I’d considered downloading clients but as you say it’s not my ideal situation as it relies on a machine being on to do the work.

Why first sync it to dropbox? Can’t you just sync it with the desktop client directly?

There’s no client for Windows Phone, so I use dropbox to get it backed up, then knowing it’s backed up I can move it to its final destination.

Ah fair enough.

Does windows phone have native webdav support?

Hum, see here :
WebDAV Nav is a WebDAV client for Windows Phone devices.

With WebDAV File you can access your files on a WebDAV enabled server where ever you are.

WebDAV Auto-Upload This app provides a background agent for synchronizing your pictures to a „Cloud“ provider of your choice (i.e. ownCloud), as long as the provider uses the webDAV standard. You can use webDAV servers in your own home network, too (i.e. NAS storages if available).

Thanks both. No there’s no native support and even where apps fill the void, that doesn’t offer me automated backups - my ultimate goal here - I’ve been uploading them to the web interface with little effort so far but that is again a manual job.

So until there’s a client for WP10 I’m happy using other means to get the photos automatically backed up, I’d hope there’s a way of achieving the automated copy from dropbox or other external media (which is something I could use in other situations too).

There is a way, it’s called BitTorrent Sync. There are articles on how to make it work with OwnCloud but the idea is the same.

Ah Sync. I didn’t realise there was a sync client for WP. This essentially negates any external storage automation all together since I can sync directly to the server.

It’d still be nice to know if there’s any way of automating copies/moves from external to NC for other scenarios but this will resolve my WP struggle for now.