Automated mail script to send new files


I’m new to NextCloud and i’m impressed bye the software the short time i have used it! Good work!!!

I have an ide of automated some things and have been googeling but can’t say that i have found any answer on my question, i have been locking to code something in python or php but it would be great if there is a simpler way!

So the question is, is there some plugin or scripts to automated sended files with email in spec folders in o folder-tree?

For exempel

- emailed scan 22-01-30 12-51-59.pdf
- emailed scan 22-01-30 12-51-58.pdf
- emailed scan 22-01-30 12-51-50.pdf
- emailed scan 22-02-18 1-51-59.pdf
- scan 22-02-23 12-51-58.pdf
- scan 22-02-23 12-51-50.pdf

Every wednesday the script will run, it will look in all sub-folders in exempelfolder, if that is a file with filename starting with scan it will send it with mail och rename it to for exempel emailed at the beginning.

Is that something like this already or is it just start coding?

There is the activity app that can notify about changes, but not that specific. It is nice, if some general ideas result in nice apps that can be used by others ( Just for the purpose, a small script connecting via webdav should be the fastest to realize.