Auto upload with "move to app folder" does not work

Hi everyone

I started using the “auto upload” function. It works with default settings, but as soon as I change “Original file will be…” to “moved to app folder” it stops working. It does not index and queue it for the upload.
This happens with the photo and videofolders that appear in the auto upload section, but also when I setup a custom folder.

Expected result: upload all files from a folder, then move that folder on the phone to the nextcloud folder as it would appear when I sync a folder via nextcloud app. (So deleting from another client would also delete it on the phone).
Current result: no queue, no upload, and no move.


Ok over 24h later it suddenly started to upload the custom folder. Don’t know why it has so much delay. Will observe further.

It stopped working a few days later. Only 1 folder continues to work. Upload is sometimes delayed by days.
Also never was a file moved or deleted.
Energy saving options are disabled.

Same problem here.