Auto upload starts although not in WLAN and charging


I have configured the Auto Upload so that it only uploads the pictures when it is in the WLAN and when the cell phone is charging.
But sometimes it happens that it tries to upload the pictures anyway.
What is the reason for this?

I use the Android app 3.26.0 and Nextcloud 27.1.4

Unknown. Mine is set to only upload on charge which seems to work reliably for me.

There are quirks between Android OS versions and variants.

There also could well be some bugs in the NC Android client, but it’ challenging to nail down without either hands-on experience by a dev (with the problematic phone) or, possibly, debug logs from the phone.

What make/model/OS version?

If there are any patterns to it that might help identify a culprit. For example, does it always activate within WiFi range when not charging? Etc.


I have a Samsung S22 (SM-901B/DS), currently with Android 14, (OneUI 6.0), with Android 13 the problem was also present.

I tested this again today, it always seems to happen when I have no mobile signal and no WLAN signal.