Auto upload period

I propose to expand the application features of automatic files uploading.
It would be great if there was the ability to set the frequency(period) for an automatic file upload and the time of their automatic deletion from the local storage.
Example 1: All new files(photos and videos) are uploaded every day at 2:00 am(when i sleep)))).
Example 2: The photos are uploaded immediately after the shooting, and the videos (since they are heavy) only at night.
Automatic deletion from local storage:
Videos are deleted after three days, for example.
Photos are deleted after a week or a month.

Having auto upload time window seems like a reasonable idea. @mario, looks like this can fit existing “filters” for wifi upload/battery savings…no?

Regarding deletion of files, this is separate feature that just asks for trouble:) I would always avoid writing software that deletes files, if possible:)

This is not going to happen, sorry. I will not introduce more “features” into auto upload.

You can upload when charging, and charge only during the night. That would solve your use case :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.:+1: I just wanted my phone to always have a free space and that I wouldn’t have to worry about free space on it all the time

By the way, does the upload proces depend on charging or battery status?

Well it can. If you select “Upload while charging only” then it’ll wait until you’re charging or you have 100% battery :slight_smile:

There’s also an option already to remove the original file once you’ve uploaded (which I disagree with, but it’s been there since forever :P) that you might want to try :slight_smile:

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