Auto upload, only new files not working? Android 3.14.1

I’m trying to set up auto-sync of my phone’s photos to my Nextcloud, but I want to only want it to upload new ones.
I see there’s an “Also upload existing files” option (translated from Dutch) which I’ve turned off, so I’m expecting it to only upload new photos.

But it keeps uploading all photos I have on my phone. Am I misunderstanding the option, or is this a bug?

Android client version is 3.14.1

I’ve seen a similar effect in the past as I activated automatic upload of a folder without deactivating the “Also upload existing files” first. As I deactivated that parameter in a second try, it kept uploading existing files. I was able to stop this behavior by selecting “Uploads” and removing all files listed to be uploaded.

It looks like that was the problem indeed.
I didn’t turn that option off at first. When I noticed it was uploading all my files, I turned the sync off, but it still kept going.
Apparently it fills up the upload queue, and doesn’t clear that queue when you change a folder’s sync settings.
It seems to work correctly now, after removing everything from the queue manually.

So you really need to check those settings before you turn on the auto upload for big folders. :smiley:

Long time open issue for this is

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